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School of Management

History and Characteristics

The School of Management was founded in July 2011 with the merging of several of FJUT’s outstanding courses of study. Currently, the school has 118 staff members, with 87 full-time teachers. 47.36 percent of faculty members are at senior technical posts, with 13 professors and 32 associate professors. 20 of the faculty members have PhD’s, 16 are currently studying for the doctoral degree. There are three provincial Outstanding Teachers, three provincial Excellent Teachers, two New Century Excellent Talents in Fujian Province, and one Outstanding Young Scientific Talent in Colleges of Fujian Province. In addition, there have been 40 teachers with double-qualified professional titles, having acquired state-recognized vocational qualifications in national professions, including national registered cost engineers and Certified Public Accountants.

The school now has night undergraduate programs with more than 3300 full-time students. In the major fields of Engineering Management and Economic Management, the school has successfully educated tens of thousands of students. From 2001, more than 120 research projects have been undertaken by the school with support from the National Social Science Foundation, the Humanities and Social Science Foundation of the Ministry of Education, the Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province, Soft-scientific Projects of the provincial Scientific and Technology Agency, Provincial Social Science Projects, among others.

Essence of the School

Recognition for the programs of the school includes:

  • One nationally featured major: Construction Costs.
  • One major for the First Provincial Trials of Comprehensive Reform: Construction Costs.
  • One National Excellence in Sharing Curriculum: Measurement and Valuation of Architectural Engineering.
  • One National Excellence Curriculum: Measurement of Civil Engineering.
  • Seven Provincial Excellence Curriculums: Micro-economics, Engineering Economics, Measurement and Valuation of Architectural Engineering, Bidding & Bid and Contract Management, Engineering Project Management, Fundamental Accounting, and Financial Management.
  • Two provincial teaching groups: Engineering Management and Construction Costs.
  • Three provincial talent cultivating innovation centers: Construction Management,Entrepreneurship in Management and theInnovative Experimental Zone Training Model for Applied Talents based on CDIO.

In addition, the school has won three First Prizes and three Second Prizes in the Provincial Teaching Achievements and one Second prize, one Third Prize, and two Excellent Achievement Prizes in Provincial Excellent Education Achievements. The teachers of the school have presided over more than 120 research projects. They have published over 230 papers, with more than 40 in SCI, EI, ISTP, and more than 30 books. The school has formed ongoing research direction and research groups in Building Economics and Project Management,Technology and Industry Management,andRegional Economic Development. The school also owns the Industrial Economic Development Institute, Engineering Management Institute, Enterprise Management Institute,and theInstitute forSocial Organization and Social Management.

Disciplines and Programs

The school now has four First Level Disciplines:Management Science and

Engineering,Science of Business Administration,Applied Economics, and Science of

Public Management. Among them, Management Science and Engineering is the provincial First Level Key Discipline. There are nine undergraduate programs: Construction Costs, Accounting, Engineering Management, Science of Auditing, Business Administration, International Economics and Trade,Real Estate Development and Management, and Marketing and Public Affairs Management. Among them, Construction Costs was rated as the national featured major.

Academic leaders

Engineering Management: Prof.Chen Qun, Email: chqun2003@163.com

Construction Costs: Prof.Liu YuanFang, Email: lyf6302@sohu.com

Accounting: Prof.Liang ShuiYuan ,Email: 070702891@sina.com

Auditing: Prof Huang GuangYang, Email:hgy@fjut.edu.cn

International Economics and Trade: Prof.Peng JianPing,Email: 735102981@qq.com

Real Estate Development and Management:Prof.Yu Kai,Email: 546607684@qq.com

Business Administration: Prof.Wang Li,Email: 565440796@qq.com

Marketing: Prof.Zhao ZhongHua,Email: 565440796@qq.com

Public Affairs Management: Prof.LiYongCang,Email:liyc@fjut.edu.cn

General Contact Information

President: Prof.Chen Qun

Office phone: +86-591-22863192


Vice President:Associate Prof.Chen GuoTie

Office phone: +86-591-22863193


Contact our office:

Phone &Fax:0591-22863199 Email:glxy@fjut.edu.cn

Tel: +86-591-22863025 Fax: +86-591-22863018

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