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WANG Yongzhao

WANG Yongzhao, professor, currently works in the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, FJUT, Member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, vice chief secretary of Chinese Painting Academy, painter of CPPCC Drawing Studio, Fujian Province etc.

Professor WANG-Yongzhao mainly engages in the study of research and teaching practice of Chinese traditional calligraphy, and assumes the course: Basic Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese Painting, Art Creation, etc. He has published The Collection of Wang Yongzhao Calligraphy and Painting, The Training of Teachers’ Calligraphy, On the Balance of Art etc. He has held personal painting and calligraphy exhibition many times and was widely interviewed and reported by different medias and presses. He has won gold medal of Asia-Pacific Excellent Works Exhibition, and “Advanced Educator” by the Ministry of Education etc.

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