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Landscape Architecture Program

The Landscape Architecture Program began to recruit students in September 2013. After five years of study, graduates will be awarded a bachelor's degree in engineering. There will be 35 students in the first class.

This program aims to help students develop extensive knowledge of the theory, and the professional skills, of landscape architecture. They will gain expertise in planning and design, landscape plant application, botanical garden construction and management, and managing tasks in planning and design institutions, all with a focus on sustainable development. Graduates will be qualified for positions in enterprises and institutions engaged in the development and management of scenic areas, urban and rural landscape green belts, and urban landscapes´╝îas well as landscape architecture heritage and tourism. Students will also develop a rich background in the humanities, and great support will be given to their innovative thinking.

Main courses: Introduction to Landscape Architecture, The History of Chinese and Foreign Landscape Architecture, Landscape Architecture Planning and Design Theory, Planning and Design of Landscape Architecture, Basic Ecology, The Planning of the Scenic Area, Landscape Architecture Heritage and its Protection, Architecture Design in the Scenic Landscape, Plant Planning and Design in Landscape, Landscape Architecture Engineering and Management

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