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Mechanical Design and Automation

A 4-year undergraduate Bachelor degree program

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The program, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, is one of the six key disciplines of Fujian University of Technology, and one of the “key featured programs” in Fujian province in 2007. Mechatronic Engineering was approved as the key discipline by the education department of Fujian in 2011.

Objectives: This major is designed to provide students with a comprehensive education in order to meet the needs of the rapidly growing manufacturing and automation sectors in China. The program covers advanced design and manufacturing, mechatronic equipment manufacturing and management, mechatronic numeric computing, and information production. Graduates will be prepared to become professionals working in the manufacturing and automation sectors.

Feature: This major is based on the integration of mechanics and electronics, and the application of information technology in the manufacturing industry. Graduates will have the ability to operate mechatronic equipment with numeric control and excel at CAD/CAM advanced manufacturing.

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