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Exploration Techniques & Engineering Major

This major cultivates application-oriented talents of engineering of equipped with knowledge and application capability on aspects of geotechnical engineering exploration, field environmental assessment, design and construction of foundation engineering, design and construction of underground engineering, environment and rock engineering treatment and analysis as well as prevention on geological disaster, and these talents shall adapt society need with integrated development of moral, intellectual, physical and aesthesis and all-round development of students. Graduates can work in the housing construction department, geotechnical engineering reconnaissance designing institute, geotechnical engineering construction enterprises, scientific research department, geotechnical engineering monitoring and detection department and traffic civil engineering department to engage in the following professions in the form of jobs such as geotechnical engineering exploration, detection, monitoring, design, construction, supervision, assessment, consulting, technical development research engineering management as well as scientific research and so on.

Core curriculum in this major are: soil mechanics, rock mass mechanics, foundation engineering, foundation of engineering geology, structural geology, side slope consolidation, geotechnical engineering exploration, structure of subsurface construction, normal position testing of geotechnical engineering, foundation treatment as well as the construction technique of geotechnical engineering.

There are 10 teachers in the major, including 1 professor and 6 registered geotechnical engineers.

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