Economic Management Experiment Center

Economic management experiment center is located in South area E1 research building of Fujian University of Technology. The area of research center amounts to 1090 square meters, the experiment equipment assets amounts to 2,060,000 yuan RMB, enterprise sponsorship assets amounts to 32,000,000 yuan RMB. The experiment center has four parts including economic management simulation experimental platform, industrial engineering and logistics engineering comprehensive experimental platform, online experimental teaching platform, enterprise and innovation experimental platform.

Economic management simulation experimental platform is formed on the basis of the original economic management principle simulation center, e-commerce simulation center and ERP center. The lab is mainly open to six undergraduate majors, i.e. business administration, accounting, industrial engineering, logistics management, marketing, international economic and international trade. The projects are simulation experiment, related courses practice, course design and graduation thesis paper, etc.

Industrial engineering and logistics engineering comprehensive experimental platform is composed of basic engineering lab, logistics industry lab, industry engineering and logistic engineering simulation room, ergonomics and psychology room. It can be used to complete the course experiment of basic industrial engineering, ergonomics, assembly line organization design, production plan and control, logistics management, facilities planning, etc..

Network experiment teaching platform includes network open laboratory and network virtual laboratory, and realizes that the laboratory opening expands from time to space, and realizes the all-round opening of laboratory, among which Network open experimental lab is open for B/S structure software, such as electronic business simulation system, logistics management simulation system, trade documents system, the foreign trade solid service system, etc.; Network virtual laboratory is based on independent development and joint development, which establishes the related experimental projects of basic industrial engineering and the ergonomics.

Entrepreneurial and innovation experimental platform is to meet the requirements of the college students' innovative experiments. Students' innovation laboratory offers the system of free application, free access, the independent innovation and open management. The lab offers students' innovative experiment with space, equipment and technology support. At the same time it actively guides students to participate in national and provincial challenge cup, business design, technological competition and other activities.