Software Engineering

Software Engineering-----undergraduate program, four years, science and engineering

1) Goals:
This program helps students gain a solid foundation in software engineering, good programming skills, strong software developing capabilities, and advanced scientific and cultural literacy, while developing morally, intellectually and physically. They can look forward to careers as practical and innovative advanced software engineers.

2) Characteristics:
An individualized teaching approach combines basic subject knowledge with advanced technology, software with hardware, and theory with practice. The emphasis is on the comprehensive development of knowledge,ability and quality. Students learn modern software developing technology and the background knowledge of the related industries to meet the demand for versatile senior software engineering talent.

3) Employment Direction: Graduates will have the necessary skills for high-level positions related to software analysis, design, developing, testing, maintenance, administration and more. They will play a vital role in the construction of the Economic Zone on the West Coast of the Taiwan Strait, geared towards computer software technology and related industries.

4)Main courses: Advanced Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Circuit and Basic Electronic Technology, Advanced Language Programming, Algorithm and Data Structure, Structured Programming, Assembly Language Programming, Operating System Principles and Application, Principles of Database System, C/S program design, Computer Organization and Architecture, Data Communication and Computer Network, Object Oriented Programming, Principle of Compiler, Software Engineering, Integrated Design of Software Modeling, Integrated Design of Software Development Process.

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Engineering