Information Management and Information Systems

Information Management and Information Systems--undergraduate program, four years, science and engineering

1) Goals:
This program helps students learn the fundamental principles of modern management, acquire computer knowledge and skills, and gain proficiency in information system analysis, system design, information management and related areas.

2) Characteristics:
The emphasis is on the disciplinary integration of computer and management, as well as strengthening students’ computer skills. With the use of practical training bases inside and outside the school, students will improve their analytical and problem-solving skills. Graduates will have the management knowledge, as well as the computer application development knowledge, to meet the urgent need for talent in information processing enterprises.

3) Employment Direction: Graduates will have the necessary skills for high-level positions in administration, analysis, design, development, maintenance, operation, and evaluation of information systems in various fields, including country administrations at all levels, financial institutions and research institutes. They will play a vital role in the construction of the Economic Zone on the West Coast of the Taiwan Strait, geared towards network information technology and related industries.

4)Main courses: Advanced Mathematics, Operational Research, Advanced Language Programming, Principles of Management, Algorithm and Data Structure, Fundamental Accounting, Principles of Database System, Object Oriented Programming, Basics of Computer Network Technology, Web Application Program Design, Production Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Management Information Systems, Analysis and Design of Information System, Organization and Management of Information Resource, Data Warehouse and Data Mining Techniques, Architecture of the Information System.

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Engineering