Material Molding and Control Engineering

This is a four-year undergraduate program. Graduates will be awarded the bachelor of engineering degree


1) Students will gain fundamental theoretical knowledge and develop strong application capabilities in material forming and controlling engineering, as well as in machinery science.

2) Graduates will be qualified for jobs in manufacturing, design, and research and technology development in the area of material forming and controlling engineering. They also will be qualified for positions in the areas of forming process design of various materials, mold design and manufacturing, mold process measurement and control, research and development of production operation management, engineering research and design, as well as management and marketing in related areas.

Credit Requirements:

Student must complete a minimum of 187 credits, in which 64 are in fundamentals of natural science and social science courses, 82 in discipline and major related courses, and 41 in practical courses.

Core Courses:

Mechanical Drafting; Materials Science and Engineering; Theoretical Mechanics; Mechanics of Materials; Principle of Machinery; Mechanical Layout; Machine-Processed Basics; Electrical Technology & Electrical Engineering; Mechanical properties of Materials; Material Molding Basics; Mold Manufacturing Process; Material Molding Equipment; Sheet Metal Forming Technology & Mold Design; Molding and Mold Design of Plastic Material; Formulation and Modification of Polymer Materials; Metal Plastic Forming Equipment; Plastic Forming Theory; Die Materials and Heat Treatment; Pro/E Application; Die Price Analysis.