Reconnaissance Technology major

Curriculum: 4 years of science and engineering

Training objective: This major aims to provide engineering students with an application-oriented education, including an awareness of innovation and practical training, while at the same time helping them to develop morally, intellectually and physically. Students will master knowledge in various areas of constructional engineering, traffic engineering, and water conservancy and electrical engineering related to geotechnical engineering reconnaissance, assessment and analysis, foundation consolidation and treatment, foundation engineering design and construction, prevention and treatment of the effects of geological disasters, as well as developing the capabilities of project planners and researchers and developers.

Employment directions: Graduates will have the expertise to work in design, construction, supervision and consulting in rail and road, territorial resources, housing construction, and geotechnical engineering reconnaissance. They will be qualified for professions in metro engineering, underground engineering in housing construction, reconnaissance, design and construction in road engineering, technological development, engineering management, scientific research and teaching.

Main courses: fundamentals of geology, engineering mechanics, soil mechanics, rock-soil mechanics, engineering survey, computer language and program design, geotechnical engineering reconnaissance, engineering geophysical prospecting, foundation engineering, ground treatment, geotechnical engineering testing technique, substructure structure, side slope consolidation and foundation pit support.

Award degree: Bachelor of Engineering