Traffic Engineering (civil engineering orientation)

Curriculum: 4 years of science and engineering

Training objective: This major aims to provide engineering students with an application-oriented education, including an awareness of innovation and practical training, while at the same time helping them to develop morally, intellectually and physically. Students will master a solid cultural theoretical foundation of higher learning, as well as basic theory and knowledge in the disciplines of road traffic planning, road engineering, bridge work, traffic engineering services and related fields. They will also develop the capabilities of project planners and researches and developers.

Employment directions: Graduates will have the expertise to work in divisions of government projects, traffic planning and design, and traffic road management. They will be qualified for professions in traffic engineering planning, traffic engineering design, bridge and road reconnaissance, design, and construction, as well as managerial roles in road engineering divisions.

Main courses: engineering mechanics, engineering geology, bridge engineering, fundamental of urban planning, road reconnaissance design, roadbed and pavement engineering, road traffic control technique, traffic engineering drawing, engineering survey and traffic information technique.

Award degree: Bachelor of Engineering