Civil Engineering Major

Curriculum: 4 years of science and engineering

Training objective: This major aims to provide engineering students with an application-oriented education, including an awareness of innovation and practical training, while at the same time helping them to develop morally, intellectually and physically. Students will master a solid cultural theoretical foundation of higher learning, basic theory and knowledge of civil engineering, including management and information technology application, and practical training in project planning and research and development. Areas covered are construction, municipal, tunnel, rail and building engineering.

Employment directions: Graduates will have the expertise to work in design institutes, construction enterprises, engineering construction supervising companies, real estate, research and development departments and education. They will be prepared to be designers, construction managers, software managers, construction cost managers, quality supervisors, engineering supervisors, planners, researchers and developers, as well as other professions related to technology and management.

Core courses include: theoretical mechanics, mechanics of materials, structural mechanics, civil engineering, foundation engineering, concrete structure and designing principles, concrete structural design, principles of steel structure design, building steel structure design, urban road and traffic, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, civil engineering material, construction organization in civil engineering and construction technique in civil engineering.

Courses in the majors:

Constructional engineering: housing architecture, building steel structure design, steel structure design, building structure experiment, building structure detection, high-rise building structure design, anti-quake architectural structure design, construction techniques of civil engineering, construction organization in civil engineering, and measuring and pricing in constructional engineering.

Municipal engineering: urban road and traffic, water supply and sewage engineering, road and pavement engineering, bridge work, road survey and design, constructional techniques of municipal engineering, construction organization in municipal engineering, and measuring and pricing in municipal engineering.

Tunnel and rail engineering: urban railway system outline, tunneling and construction, rail traffic planning and design, bridge work, rail engineering, road and pavement engineering, urban railway system signal, construction of rail engineering and construction management planning of tunnel and rail.

Building engineering: housing architecture, construction techniques of civil engineering, construction techniques of modern civil engineering, construction test of civil engineering, construction organization of civil engineering, project management, measuring and pricing of constructional engineering, concrete structure design and building steel structure design.

Award degree: Bachelor of Engineering