Chemical engineering


This major aims to help students develop application-oriented expertise in 21stCentury chemical engineering and chemical technology. Students will be equipped with a strong foundation and high-quality technical skills, while developingmorally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically. They will gain the engineering knowledge, practical ability, innovative spirit, experimental skills, design methods, computer application skills and scientific research approaches necessary to adapt to local economic constraints, scientific technological progress and social development needs.

Job orientation

Graduates will be qualified to work in research, design, production, development, installation, construction, supervision, equipment management, and operations. They will find career opportunities in enterprises, design departments, research departments, building construction units, and other areas in the chemical industry and related fields,

Main courses

Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Principles of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Chemical Engineering Design, Chemical Technology, Petroleum Refining Engineering, Chemical Separation Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering