Environmental Engineering


This major aims to help students develop application-oriented expertise in environmental engineering. Students will gain advanced knowledge in the control of all kinds of pollution--waste water, air, noise and solid waste, in addition to learning water supply and drainage engineering, and environmental planning and resource protection. They will develop strong capabilities in pollution control project design, operation management, environmental planning, and environmental impact assessment. Graduates will be able to develop new theory, technology and equipment in the sustainable development field.

Job orientation

Graduates will be qualified to work in planning, design, environmental impact assessment and management, education, and research and development. They will find career opportunities in various design departments, industry and mining enterprises, scientific researchinstitutes, schools, and other related areas.

Main courses

Environmental Monitoring, Principles of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Microbiology, Air Pollution Control Engineering, Water Pollution Control Engineering, Solid Waste Reclamation Engineering, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Physical Pollution and Control.


Bachelor of Engineering