Industrial Engineering

Program Objectives:This program aims to cultivate professionals who master modern manufacturing technologies, information technologies, and knowledge or skills of economic management and system engineering, and who have the abilities to effectively develop and utilize the resources of production system or service system so as to realize low consumption and high efficiency in production and operation, and to carry out system optimization by systematic planning, design, analysis, control, improvement and innovation.

MainCourses: Management, Engineering Economics, Basic Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Ergonomics, Engineering Graphics, Fundamentals of Manufacturing Technology, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Production Planning and Control, Management Information System, Facilities Planning and Logistics Analysis, System Engineering, Simulation of Production System, Quality Management

Possible Employments:The graduates can engage in industrial engineering and economic management in multi-national corporations, state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, high-tech enterprises, banks, consulting companies, service sections, government agencies or academies.