Traffic and Transportation

Program Objectives: Besides commanding the knowledge or skillsof math, computer, foreign language, economicsand management, students are about tomaster the principles and technologies of transportation planning and management, andreceivethe basic training of anengineer, who then can engagein the application of planning and design, operation and organization, decision-making and management in the transportation orlogistics enterprises.

Main Courses: Management, Operations Research, Statistics, Transportation Economics, Technology Economics, Transportation Regulations, Transportation Planning, Traffic Flow Theory, Transportation Enterprise Management, Traffic Engineering, Traffic Investigation and Analysis, Urban Public Transportation, Traffic Management and Control, Transportation Hub and Harbor Station.

Possible Employments:Graduates can work in transportation planning, managementoroperation enterprises and governmentaldepartment to engage in system analysis, program design, operation management, and new technologies or new methods research and developmentin transportationplanning, organization and regulation.