International Economics and Trade


This major is designed to help students master the theory, skills, routine and policy of modern economics and international economics and trade. They will be prepared to work in foreign trade management, research and planning for the government, joint venture enterprises, and state-owned enterprises.

There are two courses of study: mechanical production trade and international investment. There is a policy of “double certificates”. The major also helps students develop their English listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, while enhancing their practical abilities in foreign business correspondence and foreign economic trade. There is a focus on both the practical and entrepreneurial aspects of the field.

Job orientation

Graduates will be qualified for positions in management for companies involved in international trade or foreign venture, financial institutions, as well as public administration in government foreign trade departments.

Main courses

Political Economics, Western Economics, International Economics, International Trade, International Trade Business, International Finance, International Settlement, International Marketing, International Investment, Accounting, Statistics, Management, International Communication, English Audio-lingual, International Business Negotiation, Foreign Trade Document Practice


Bachelor of Economics