Real Estate Operation Management


This major is designed to help students develop their knowledge and practical abilities in real estate planning, development, marketing, evaluation, consultation, agency and property management, as well as entrepreneurial work. They will also gain knowledge in the fields of economics, management, law, engineering technology and construction.


Students will gain an additional advantage in their professional knowledge of real estate management from their study and practice of civil engineering and engineering management. The major also focuses on preparing students with economic and management expertise in the field of architecture. There are two courses of study: real estate development and operation, and property development.

Job orientation

Graduates will be qualified for a wide range of positions in real estate operation management, including development, finance, project marketing planning, marketing, evaluation, real estate agency work, property management, community management, exchange management, project management, as well as related software development and application work. They will find opportunities in development companies, real estate consultancy institutes, financial institutions, evaluation companies, agencies, property management companies, architectural companies, as well as government and related public agencies.

Main courses

Housing Architecture, Engineering Mechanics, Architecture Structure, Architecture Material, Architecture Construction Technology, Civil Engineering Construction Organization, Management Economics, Engineering Economics, Principles of Management, Architectural Engineering Calculation and Evaluation, Architectural Engineering Contract Management, Engineering Project Management, Real Estate Introduction, Real Estate Investment Analysis, Real Estate Evaluation, Real Estate Law, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Marketing, Real Estate Planning, Real Estate Contract Management, Real Estate Agency, Property Management Introduction, Property Equipment Management, Architectural Intelligent Management, Community Service and Management


Bachelor of Management