This major aims to help students gain a foundation in the theories and methods of marketing, while developing strong practical ability, creativity, and an overall sense of quality. They will learn how to apply strategy, comprehend market trends, and understand development trends, while gaining intensive practice in case analysis and solving practical problems. Upon completion of their studies, they will be qualified as senior marketing managers, with sound political and moral judgment, creativity, strong theoretical ability, and good work ethics.

Job orientation

Graduates will be qualified for positions in marketing management, planning, diagnosis and consultancy, as well as product management and market promotion, market research and prediction, and advertising management and planning in enterprises. They also will have the skills and knowledge to work in management in public institutes and government.

Main courses

Macro-economics, Micro-economics, Principle of Management, Marketing, Financial Management, International Trade Theory and Practice, Management Information System, Statistics, E-commerce Introduction, Operation Research, Technology Economics, Market Research and Prediction, Marketing Planning, Commodity Science.


Bachelor of Management