Engineering Cost Management


This major aims to help students gain the required knowledge for construction cost evaluation. They will develop an understanding of civil engineering technology, management, economics and law, as well as engineering cost evaluation and consultancy. While gaining expertise, students will also enhance their entrepreneurial capacities.


Engineering cost management is a national major, one of the first of its kind in Fujian province. This area of specialization focuses on strong practical abilities, engineering consciousness, adaptability and innovation. Students gain an understanding of theory, as well as engineering technology cost evaluation combined with civil engineering and engineering economics, in order to excel in construction total process cost management. There are two courses of study: engineering cost evaluation and engineering cost evaluation consultancy.

Job orientation

Graduates will be qualified for positions in engineering bidding, budgeting and settlement, cost analysis, consultancy and supervision, as well as construction project financing and investment control, cost evaluation control, bidding decision-making, contract management, and the development of construction cost management software. They will find opportunities in companies engaged in engineering consultancy, architecture construction, architecture decoration engineering, engineering construction supervision, and real estate, as well as design institutes, accounting firms, auditing firms, and government and public institutes.

Main courses

Engineer Drawing, Architecture CAD, Principle of Management, Housing Architecture, Architecture Material, Engineer Mechanics, Architecture Structure, Civil Engineer Construction Technology, Civil Engineer Construction Organization, Engineer Economics, Engineer Project Management, Construction Engineer Cost Calculation and Evaluation Ⅰ, Construction Engineer Cost Calculation and Evaluation Ⅱ,Construction Engineer Contract Management, Architecture Equipment Engineer, Installation Engineer Calculation and Evaluation, Municipal Engineer Technology and Calculation, Engineer Cost Management, Engineer Consultancy Introduction.


Bachelor of Engineering