Engineering Management


This major aims to help students develop expertise in architectural engineering management. They will master the knowledge of architecture supervising engineering, while gaining an understanding of civil engineering technology, management and economics. This major will also enhance students’ entrepreneurial capacities.


This major is featured in “management based on technology”. Based on civil engineering technology, economics, management, and law, students learn to competently and creatively take a management role in the project decision-making, implementation and operation stages. There are two courses of study: project management and engineering supervision.

Job orientation

Graduates will be qualified for positions in engineering project management, construction supervision, architectural contract management, information management, engineering consultancy, feasibility research, construction project investment and financing, and engineering management software development. They will find opportunities in companies engaged in architecture, engineering construction supervision, engineering consultation, and real estate development, as well as design institutes, government, and public institutions, plus other related endeavors.

Main courses

Engineering Drawing, Architectural CAD, Housing Architecture, Engineering Mechanic, Architectural Structure, Architectural Material, Civil Engineer Construction Technology, Civil Engineering Construction Organization, High-rise Building Construction Technology, Principle of Management, Management Economics, Engineering Economics, Construction Engineer Contract Management, Engineer Project Management, Construction Measurement and Evaluation.


Bachelor of Engineering