Intellectual Property Program

Founded on April 20th, 2012, Fujian Institute of Intellectual

Property is a joint venture of the Fujian Intellectual Property Office and Fujian University of Technology. This academic institute takes an active role in matters regarding intellectual property, including implementing the provincial government’s opinions on national strategy, making efforts to strengthen education and research work in colleges, and comprehensively promoting the development of intellectual property in the province.

The institute integrates resources from the State Intellectual Property Office, China’s intellectual property training center, the state intellectual property office of the patent reexamination board, and the intellectual property unit of Fujian province. It focuses on the following areas:

· Domestic and international research of intellectual property rights, especially related to hercynian economic development.

· Exchanges and cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

· Research projects and soft science research issued by the State Intellectual Property Office and Fujian Intellectual Property Office.

· The release of annual subject guidelines and administration of college curriculum and research work, according to provincial intellectual property business development needs.

· Providing relevant intellectual property rights policy, strategy analysis, direction on information retrieval and utilization, evaluation, management consultancy and other services for the government, enterprises, and public institutions.

In addition, the institute cultivates professional talent and inter-disciplinary talent, including researchers in Intellectual Property Law, Management Direction and practice.

The research team of the institute encompasses not only expertise in theory, but also practical talent. At present, the institute has achieved five state-level scientific research projects, ten published monographs, more than 160 published papers and 12 study bases.