Law Program

A four-year undergraduate program for students of both Science and the Arts

Training objective:The program aims to help students develop morally, intellectually and physically. Graduates will be equipped with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical ability, as well as the innovative ideas and spirit, for positions in production, construction, management, and service.

Employment:Graduates will be qualified to work in legal departments in a wide variety of areas, including governmental organizations, enterprises, institutions, and social organizations, and they will be particularly suited for practicing law in construction, real estate, and foreign trade.

Main courses:Jurisprudence, Constitution Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Economic Law, Civil Procedure Law, Intellectual Property Law, Administrative Law, International Law, International Economic Law, Administrative Procedure Law, the Criminal Procedure Law, International Private Law, History of China’s Legal System, Labor and Social Security Law, Environmental and Resource Law.

Diploma:Bachelor of Law