Logistics Network

Training Objectives:
The programme aims to cultivate the students to be the high-quality application-oriented talented personnel who master the basic theories and skills in the field of computer technology, automatic control technology, sense information processing technology and the identification, obtaining, transmission and control of the Internet technology. And the students can be engaged in designing, debugging and application and other relevant departments concerning logistics network.

Main Courses:
Introduction to logistics network, Fundamentals of sensors and application, RFID Technology, Internet Technology, Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Digit Circuit and Logic Design, Logistics network Technology and Application, Signal and System, Embedded System and Development Technology, Microcomputer principles and interface technology, Operating System, Logistics network Safety, Data Structure, Principle and Application of Database

The Length of Schooling: Four years

Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering

Employment and Further Study:
This programme aims to cultivate the top application-oriented talented personnel who grasp the logistics network theories and skills and expertise on communications technology, Internet technology as well as sensory technology. They will be employed in the enterprises, industries related to the logistics network and engaged in the designing, development, management and maintenance of communication construction, networking protocol and standard, wireless sensor and information security.