Electronic Information Engineering

Training Objectives:
This programme aims to cultivate the senior engineering application-oriented talented personnel who meet the needs of production, construction, management and service. They are trained to master the basic theories, skills and expertise in the field of electronic technique and information system and commit to the research, designing, manufacture, application and development of electronic equipment and information system.

Main Courses:
College Physics, Higher Mathematics, Basis of Circuit Analysis, Analog Circuit, DLC(digital logic circuit), Fundamentals of Mono-Chip Computers, microcomputer principles and interface technology, EDA(Electronic Design Automation), Electronic Integration System Design, C language programming, Data Structure and Arithmetic, CNT(computer networking technology), object-oriented programming, Signals and Systems, High-Frequency Circuit, Communication Fundamentals, Sensors and Testing Technology, DSP (Digital Signal Processor)

The Length of Schooling: Four years

Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering

Employment and Further Study:
The graduates of this programme are proud of wide scope of knowledge, broad career fields, strong adaptability, and huge potential for self-development. Through four years of study, the students will be qualified for the research and development in the high-tech-oriented companies, research institutes and factories, and also for the posts of information management and system maintenance in enterprises and public institutions. In addition, they will be engaged in teaching and research in colleges. Students in this programme will have the professional fields for further studies including electronic engineering, communication engineering and computer science. The students in this programme have good career prospects, thus the programme is deemed to be the hot programme in recent years. It is estimated that it will keep a good career prospect in the following years.