Communications Engineering

Training Objectives:
This programme aims to cultivate the senior application-oriented talented personnel with the integrated development who have practical abilities, creative spirits and enterprising capacities in the Information and Communication Engineering fields to meet the needs of the production, construction as well as management.

The students are required to master the professional technique of this programme, basic theory and wider range of professional knowledge, possess certain engineering knowledge and solid technical foundation and strong engineering practice abilities. The graduates will be engaged in wireless technology, transmission, exchange, communications equipment, system designing and development and technical management.

Main Courses:
College physics, higher mathematics, circuit analysis, analog circuit, digital logic circuit, microcomputer principle and interface technology, computer communication, signal and system, the High-frequency circuit, principle of communication, data communication, mobile communications, radio frequency and microwave circuit, information theory and coding, exchange technology, modern wireless communication technology, wireless network planning, network optimization.

The Length of Schooling: Four years

Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering

Employment and Further Study:
Through learning the professional knowledge of communications technology, communications system and the communications network, the graduates will be engaged in the research, designing, production, operation and the development and application of communications technology and equipment in the sectors of the national economy and national defense industry. This programme is also the combination of computer technology and electronic technology. The graduates of communication engineering can be engaged in wireless communications, television, large-scale integrated circuit, intelligent instrument and application in the field of electronic technology research, designing and communications engineering research, designing, technology import and the technical development.