Business Administration

Training Objectives:
This major aims to cultivate senior application-oriented talented personnel with wide range of knowledge and ability of business management, grasp professional knowledge and skills of the modern management and economics, coordinate with knowledge, ability and quality, and possess the solid foundation, strong adaptability and comprehensive quality as well as innovative spirit.

Main Courses:
Principles of management, Marketing, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Accounting, International trade theory and practice, Financial management, Statistics, Operations research, Enterprise strategic management, Enterprise operation management, Enterprise risk management, Management information system, Organizational behavior, Technical economics, etc.

The Length of Learning: Four years

Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Management

Employment and Further Study:
Graduates will be employed in comprehensive economic management departments at all levels or industry management departments, all kinds of industrial and commercial enterprises, firms and other types of advisory service agencies. They can also work in banks, securities companies and other kinds of financial institutions. Students can continue their study for master degrees of business administration, economic management, accounting, or other interdisciplinary master degrees.