Information Management and Information System

Training Objectives:
This programme aims to cultivate the senior application-oriented talented personnel who master basic theory, knowledge and skill of information management and information systems, possess innovative spirit and strong ability of development and design of information system and management of information resources, and the ability of information project organization, information security maintenance and operation as well as information system management.

Main Courses:
Information technology foundation, Advanced language program design, Computer network technology, Principle of database system and application, VB program design, Java program design, Management information system, development, Accounting, Management principles, Operations research, Database development technology, Computer network information security, etc.

The Length of Learning: Four years

Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Management

Employment and Further Study:
Graduates will be engaged in the designing of information system or information resource management in the enterprise, government and institutions and other relevant departments. Students can continue their study for master degree of information management and information system, computer science and technology, or other interdisciplinary master degrees.