Software Engineering

Oriented to the construction of the economic zone of the West Side of the Straits, this programme aims to train students to be the high-quality application-oriented personnel who meet the need of the production, construction, service, management, possess the solid theory foundation and basic skills in the field of software engineering construction, master the development mode of modern software engineering, and have good scientific qualities and innovation abilities as well as effective communication and teamwork ability. And the students are trained to qualify for the software analysis, design, development and project management.

Training Objectives:
Students mainly study basic theories and knowledge about computer software engineering, obtain the basic training for researching, developing and using the computer software, and students should get the basic ability of researching and developing computer software and the ability of solving practical problems.

Main Courses:
Higher Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, High Level Language Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures, Principles of Computer Operating System, Principles of Database System, Computer Organization and Architecture, Object-Oriented Language(C++、Java、C#), Computer network technology, System analysis and design, software design and system structure, software engineering, software testing technology

The Length of Schooling:Four Years

Degrees Conferred:Bachelor of Engineering

Employment and Further Study:
The students majoring in software engineering have broad career prospects. After graduation, students will be engaged in scientific research, development, teaching and management in the domestic and foreign software enterprises, government offices and information technology department, education department in large and medium-sized enterprises and other fields concerning the computer science. Also students can continue their study for master degrees of software engineering and other related disciplines.