Network Engineering

Oriented to the construction of the economic zone of West Side of the Straits, this programme aims to train students to be the high-quality skilled personnel who meet the need of the production, construction, service, management, master the basic theories and skills and expertise in the field of computer network engineering construction , possess the good scientific quality and professional ethics, solid basic knowledge of computer theory and systematic computer network engineering technology, and make the students qualified for R&D of the computer network application software as well as the computer network design, installation, operation and maintenance, management, etc. and have the strong ability of engineering practice and innovative .

Training Objectives:
Students in this major mainly study the basic theory and knowledge of computer science and technology, development technology of computer network engineering technology and network software, obtain the basic training of the computer network engineering , and possess the basic ability of the computer network design, installation, operation management and network software development.

Main Courses:
Higher mathematics,Discrete mathematics,Electronic circuit technology,TCP/IP protocol,Advanced language program design,Algorithm and data structure,Exchange routing technology,Microcomputer principle and interface technology,Computer operating system principle,Principle of database system,Computer composition and structure,Object oriented programming (c + +, Java),Computer network technology,Network integrated wiring,Network engineering design and system integration,Software engineering

The Length of Schooling:Four years

Degree Conferred:Bachelor of Engineering

Employment and Further Study:
Graduates in this programme have broad career prospects. They will be engaged in technology development in the domestic and foreign telecom service providers, the enterprises of communications equipment manufacturing. They will also be employed in the enterprises for network engineering design, maintenance, education training. In addition, they can study for master degrees in computer science and technology and other related disciplines.