School of Humanities

School of Humanities merged in September 2013 with the Department of Cultural Communication and the Department of Foreign Languages. Abiding by the academic principle of “Be conversant with the ancient and the modern, and versed in the Chinese and the Western; conjoin the humanities and sciences to innovate and make a difference”, the top priorities of the School of Humanities in its research and teaching are a solid foundation, practice and applications, and interdisciplinary study.With the motto of “Working Hard and Social Commitment, Propagating the Doctrine and Cultures”, it maintains the integrity of its programs and will have more tier-1 and tier-2 programs step by step.

At present, School of Humanities has 145 employees, of whom 118 are full time teachers and 30 are professors. Its faculty includes 15 doctors and 77 postgraduates. Prof. ZHANG Xu is “Minjiang Scholar” and Prof. GUO Dan is “Cangxia Distinguished Scholar”. At present, the school consists of almost 1800 undergraduate students with 10 international students.

The School has 7 research centers. It hasundertaken more than 10 research projects, including National Social Sciences Fund key tender projects and Humanities and Social Sciences projects funded by the Ministry of Education. Through these research projects, the School has made important contributions to the development of the economy, society and culture of the nation. In the past five years, most teachers are productive publishing scholars with more than 30 published works and 500 dissertations. Their research projects have brought many awards and prizes to the School, such as the second prize of Excellence Award of Social Science Research, Fujian Province.

The disciplines in the School of Humanities include literature, culture, journalism, a combination, and the subjects they cover. Currently, the School has five Bachelor's Degree programs: Chinese language, English language, Advertising, Broadcasting & TV Journalism and Visual Communication.

Leader of each subject

Associate Professor Bing Yan, Chinese Language

Professor Fanghua Wang, Broadcasting & TV Journalism

Associate Professor Huaiyu Lin, Advertising

Associate Professor Yufeng Lin, Visual Communication

Professor Hongshen Zhang, English Language


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Dr. Xu Zhang

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