Fujian Key Laboratory of Automobile Electronic and Electrical Drive Technology

A.E.E.D is the only key laboratory in Fujian auto industry, which was built in Fujian University of Technology and was approved by the Department of Science and Technology of Fujian in 2008. The laboratory consists of 36 professionals, among which there are 4 professors, 7 associate professors and 17 assistant professors. The laboratory is headed by Professor Jiang Xinhua, the President of FJUT, and its academic committee is chaired by Chen Qingquan, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and a world-renowned expert in electric vehicles. The laboratory is divided into 5 sub-laboratories: hybrid electric vehicle (bus) lab, vehicle motor and battery technology lab, automobile electronic and instrument technology lab, automobile active safety technology lab, and vehicle-mounted network application lab. Fujian key laboratory of AEED is undertaking a number of national and provincial research projects. The professionals of the laboratory have published 10 papers (including 5 EI articles) and have applied for 2 new practical patents. The laboratory is dedicated to serve the enterprises and has formed a good business relationship with Xiamen King Long Van Co. Ltd., Fujian Fugong Hybrid Electric Technology Development Co. Ltd, Xiamen Xiagong Yuwei Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd.. A few crosswide projects are under development. The laboratory is ready to cooperate with more enterprises.

Contact: LAN Ruqing Telephone: 0591-22863342