Research Center of Industrial Automation Engineering of Fujian Province Industrial Integration a

Industrial Integration and Automation Industry Technology Innovation Center in Fuzhou
hese two research center is supported by the Department of Electronics Information and Electrical Engineering. The team members have rich experience in engineering practice and research & development. There are 3 professors, 10 associate professors and 3 senior engineers. Laboratories cover an area of 1200 square meters and office area is 100 square meters, and another area of 600 square meters is under construction. Research centers possess advanced automation equipments and sophisticated automation researchs.

Main Tasks
Building three platformstechnical training, technical services, technology research and development, which small and medium enterprises are oriented.
①Technical training platformrovides training for new technologies, new product of industrial automation and help cultivate high quality engineering and management personnel.
②Technical service platform provides consulting service for automation technology and overall solution.It also provides system upgrading and engineer upgrading for automation system.
③Research and development platform provides a high level research and development platform for small and medium enterprises in Fuzhou. Technical innovation and management innovation are provided too. It helps to solve development methods, development cycle and personnel existing in enterprises. It is also in favor of building the bridges both between universities & enterprises and between research & market.

Main Directions
①Research on key technologies of integrated automation system, including multi-bus integration, wired and wireless control system integration, software integration platform, research and development of supporting product of integrated automation system and so on.
②Research on networking control system and application, including wired and wireless networking control system, control systems based on wireless sensors network.
③Research on smart power grid and micro-grid technology.