Key Lab of Automotive Electronics and Electric Drive of Fujian Province

Key Lab of Automotive Electronics and Electric Drive of Fujian Province is the first key lab within the automotive industry in Fujian Province. It was approved by Fujian Department of Science and Technology (Program No.: Department of Science and Technology program [2008]80), Department of Finance program [2008]720). Professor Jiang Xinhua, a well-known locomotive fault diagnosis and traffic information & control expert in China, is the director. Professor Huang Jian, an expert in new-energy vehicle, serves as deputy director. Supported by three provincial key programs, namely Traffic Information Engineering and Control, Vehicle Engineering and Electric Power System and Its Automation, the lab functions as a technology and innovation platform with a strong feature of application. Currently, fixed assets are amount to 15 million RMB. The area of lab is about 1300 square meters. It consists of five research labs, including mixed power driven vehicles, vehicle motor and battery technology, automotive electronics and instrumentation, automotive active safety technologies, application of Internet of Vehicle.

Main research fields:
(1) Mixed power driven technology involves main motor drive, engine drive, ISG (Integral Starter/Generator) starting engine, engine drive (with ISG power generation), engine with ISG power generation (main motor drive), engine drive (with main motor power generation), engine drive (with main motor and ISG power generation), engine and main motor joint drive, main motor power generation when brake, engine with ISG power generation when parking, engine with main motor power generation when parking.
(2) Electronic control technology of motor assemblyinvolves power generation of motor and switch control of electric drive status, control of motor speed and torque output, report of speed, charge current, discharge current and fault status, automatic fault diagnosis.
(3) Automotive testing instruments and equipment involves developing handheld data acquisition instruments instead of PC machine, which is convenient to collect, store and display various front-end signals.
(4) Internet of Vehicle technology: when wireless broadband network comes into being, Internet of Vehicle will be the key of smart city and important development direction of Automotive Electronics. This technology involves car-to-ground broadband internet connection, road wireless connection, car communications gateway development and development of multimode Mesh router.
(5) Vehicle active safety technology covers automotive collision warning radar technology, electric brake technology and other research areas.

In recent years, laboratory has shouldered over thirty province and ministry funded key research projects, including two provincial major projects. Projects funding is more than twenty millions RMB; By collaboration with industry leaders in the province, we lead the building of two unions—Fujian Vehicle Networking Technology Innovation Strategic Union, Fujian New Energy Automotive Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Union.

Two academic books have been published. We have applied more than ten national invention patents among which five have been authorized patents. Around two hundred papers have been published in domestic or international journals and conferences. Eighty papers have been indexed by SCI/EI. One third prize of Fujian provincial science and technology were awarded. Independent development of car communications gateway and multimode MESH router, have been used in Fuzhou Huangshan car driving license examination system. super-capacitor-based hybrid-type drive assembly developed by us is currently the most successful in national wide. There are more than 700 buses using this assembly running in Hangzhou and Tianjin city.