Notice of the International Conference on Engineering Education Transformation and Internationalization

Notice of the International Conference on Engineering Education Transformation and Internationalization


In order to strengthen the international exchange of engineering education and promote the transformation and development of engineering education in China, an international academic seminar on Engineering Education Transformation and Internationalization is planned to be held from April 25 to 27, 2019.

With a new round of scientific and technological revolution, the state promotes the innovation-driven development and implements major strategies such as the Belt and Road Initiative, Made in China 2025 and Internet Plus, represented by new technologies, new formats, new models and new industries. The new economy is booming and puts higher demands on engineering and technology talents. How to adapt to the needs of new economic development, innovate the training mode of engineering education talents, improve the quality of engineering education, help the country's major strategic implementation and new engineering construction, and realize the transformation from engineering education follower to runner and then the leader. All of these urgently require us to look at the globe and expand our horizons, strengthen the international exchange and academic discussion of engineering education, and deepen the research on the responsibility, mission and engineering growth rules and characteristics of engineering education in the new historical period.

The Conference will invite well-known professors, university leaders and business representatives from home and abroad to conduct academic discussions on the theme of the symposium, and specialists in engineering education in the United States, Canada, Britain, Poland, Finland, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries to make keynote speeches. The Conference includes keynote presentations, roundtable panel and interactive workshops.


I. Theme and topics

Theme: Engineering Education Transformation and Internationalization


1. Future-oriented Engineering Education

2. International Exchange and Development of Engineering Education

3. International Experience and Mode of School-enterprise Cooperation

4. OBE-based student engineering practice ability training


II. Sponsors

Fujian University of Technology, China

Texas Tech University, USA

Editorial Office of the Research in Higher Education of Engineering, China


Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Krirk University, Thailand


IVTime and place

April 25~27, 2019; Fuzhou, Fujian, China



Experts and scholars in engineering education at home and abroad, education administration departments and leaders of higher education institutions, business representatives, and college teachers and doctoral students in related majors.


VIRegistration and participation receipt

Pre-registration deadline: March 25, 2019

Participants are requested to fill in the receipt of participation and send the receipt to the following email address: before March 25, 2019. Please indicate the email subject as name + unit + participation receipt. The receipt can be downloaded at The committee will send a formal notice of the participation according to the receipt.



1.Register FeeThe register fee (including the data fee) of a participant is RMB 1000 yuan/person. Special guests are exempt from the register fee which will be borne by the sponsor.

2.Accommodation fee: 480 yuan / room in a single room(single room); 480 yuan / room in a standard room (single breakfast), 560 yuan / room in a standard room (double breakfast);




VIIIPapers and abstract submission

All participants are invited to write a paper on the theme of the Symposium. Please submit the title and abstract of the paper before March 25, 2019, and submit the final paper before April 15. Please refer to Appendix 3 for the format of the paper. The e-mail for paper submission: Please indicate the email subject as: name + unit + paper title.

The papers submitted by the participants will be compiled into a collection of papers. The Conference team will organize experts to review the papers and recommend high-quality papers for publication in journals such as Research IN Higher Education of Engineering and Journal of Fujian University of Technology. The papers submitted in English will also be included in the Conference proceedings and retrieved by EI after review, and excellent papers will be recommended for publication in SCI journals.


IX. Contact information

Contact: Li Ning

Tel: 0591-22863072


X. Attachment

1. Conference Program

2. Participant receipt

3. The format of paper



Fujian University of Technology

February 28, 2019












Appendix 1:

Conference Program




April 25

All day



April 26




Opening ceremony




Keynote speeches,   discussion and exchange




Keynote speeches, discussion   and exchange


April 27




1. Roundtable

Construction of Industrial   College

Chair: Yu Dongsheng   Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Executive   Editor-in-Chief of Advanced Engineering Education Research)

2. Parallel Sessions

Session 1Engineering   education for the future

Session 2International   exchange and development of engineering education

Session 3 OBE-based student   engineering practice ability training




Appendix 2:

International Conference on Engineering Education Transformation and Internationalization

Participant Receipt





Job   title






Contact   address


Zip   code






Mobile   phone


Mail   box


Sessions to be participated in (please   mark √ to which is interested)

Roundtable: Construction of the   industrial college


Session 1: Future-oriented   engineering education


Session 2: International exchange   and development of engineering education


Session 3: OBE-based student   engineering practice ability training


Title   of the paper to be submitted



□Single room ¥480/ per night□Standard room(¥480/ per night)

Round   trip traffic

Arrival location:Flight/trip:date:

Departure location:Flight/trip:date:



Appendix 3:

Format of Paper


Title: On the theme of the symposium


The name of the author, the employer, city and province


Chinese abstract: about 200 to 500 words


Key words: 3 to 5


English translation: title, the name of author, the employer, the abstract and the key words


Body: using the font SONG in size 5 for typesetting.


The format of related references:

1. Periodical: [Order number] Author. Title [J] (Initial the first word, others in small letters). The periodical (English can be in abbreviation). Publication year.

Volume number(Issue /Issue number): page number.

2. Monograph: [Order number]. Author. Title of book[M]. Location. Publisher.Year of publication.Page number.

3. Proceedings: [Order number] Author. Title[C]. Editors of collected papers. The collected papers. Location. Publisher.Year of publication. Page number.

4. Degree paper:[Order number] Author. Title[D]. Saving places: saving employer, saving year.

5. Newspaper article: [Order number]Author. Title[N]. Newspaper. Publication date(the edition number).

6.International and native standard:[Order number]Author. Standard number - publication year,standard title[S]. Location.Publisher.Year of publication.

7. Electronic Document: Author. Title of electronic document[J/OL]. Source of electronic document or accessible address. Publication date or indication date.

8. Other documents: Author.Title[Z]. Location. Publisher.Year of publication.


Order number of body: I., (I), 1., (1), 1)

Other information to be attached: name of author, employer, position, Job title, degree and main research direction, e-mail and contact information.