School of Traffic and Transportation

The School of Traffic and Transportation (TTD) was established due to the increasing need for talent triggered by the rapid development and integration of the transportation, manufacturing and modern logistics industries in Fujian Province, and China in general. The school now has a total of 800 students and offers one postgraduate program, Traffic Transportation Planning & Administration, three undergraduate programs, Traffic and Transportation, Industrial Engineering, and Logistics Management, as well as a joint undergraduate program with Taiwan, Traffic Engineering (Operation & Management oriented). Among the programs, Industrial Engineering has been honored both as the Provincial Level Key Distinctive Program and as the Pilot Project of the provincial Comprehensive Educational Reform.

TTD now consists of Teaching & Research Sections of Traffic and Transportation, Industrial Engineering, Logistics Engineering & Management, and Geomantics Engineering,an Institute of Traffic & Transportation and a Laboratory Center for Traffic & Transportation. The Laboratory Center includes a System Simulation Laboratory, Fundamental Industrial Engineering Laboratory, Human Engineering Laboratory and Logistics Laboratory.

TTD has innovative faculty members with a pioneering spirit. 45% are professors or associate professors, and 50% are Ph.D. holders or Ph.D. candidates.

Postgraduate programsTraffic Transportation Planning & Administration

Due to the economic development in Fujian Province, more specialists in infrastructure planning, construction and operation management for the transportation industry are needed. The school’s research areas include transportation project risk monitoring, planning and construction of transportation logistics information systems, planning and safety management of civil transportation, transportation economy and policy, and coordinated transportation.

Undergraduate programTraffic and Transportation

This programs helps students develop their talents in engineering technique and management, with solid foundations in mathematics, English, and computer science, as well as compulsory knowledge of management science. The graduates master the fundamental principles of transportation planning and management and the related knowledge and techniques. They become familiar with traffic and transportation facilities, and get compulsory training in engineering. Graduates are prepared for roles in transportation planning and design, production organization and scheduling, operation and decision-making management in transportation and logistics enterprises.

Undergraduate programIndustrial Engineering

This programs helps students develop their talents in contemporary industrial engineering, with emphasis on computer science technique, modern manufacturing technology, system engineering principles and modern management theory. The graduates are prepared to work, and use modern engineering techniques, in system analysis, planning, design, control and quality management, and gain the knowledge necessary for evaluation of production operation, logistics management and operation management. They are highly qualified for jobs in field management, production management, quality management, logistics analysis and information construction, as well as enterprise resource planning in government departments, industrial, logistics and engineering management enterprises, and the consulting industry.

Undergraduate programLogistics Management

This programs helps students develop their talents in senior logistics management, with emphasis on fundamental economic and management theory, principal theory and techniques of system analysis, design, operation and management of modern logistics and supply chain. Students also gain the necessary knowledge of logistics operation and supply chain management for enterprise production and operation activities. The graduates are highly qualified to work in logistics design and management, logistics system management and optimization, logistics data, and related fields within government departments, multinational corporations, industrial and commercial enterprises, logistics enterprises and science and research institutions.

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