Welcome to Fujian University of Technology (FJUT). Whether you are considering continuing your education, or your professional career, your interest in FJUT is greatly appreciated.

FJUT has one of the longest histories as an educational institution for industrial professionals in Fujian province, founded by the last Chinese emperor Pu Yi’s tutor, Chen Baochen, and noted Fujian scholar and translator Lin Shu. The undergraduate university we know it as today developed from Cangxia Jingshe (Cangxia Elementary Technological School).

FJUT is a public university at the provincial level with a focus on practice and application. Its core offerings are in engineering, while integrating other disciplines such as management, arts, economics, science and law. The school is committed to serving students through its outstanding faculty, programs, and a challenging learning environment, as well as numerous opportunities for professional and cultural enrichment. Throughout the course of our century-long history, our graduates have been highly successful in moving on to the next stage of their educations or first stage of their careers.

Now, joining our peer universities in China, FJUT has adopted an entirely new outlook, a broad world view on education with the aim to build a first-class university with a practical orientation. Should you choose to study or work at FJUT, you can be assured of a friendly, supportive environment to assist you in achieving your goals. I look forward to welcoming you on campus.