School of Materials Science and Engineering

The School of Material Science and Engineering was established in 2007, evolving from the teaching and research section of Material Forming and Controlling Engineering, a division of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Automation Engineering. The school offers one postgraduate, two prominent engineering and two undergraduate programs. In 2006, the Materials Forming and Controlling Engineering specialty was certified as a provincial key specialty.

The school has 58 faculty members, including eight professors, 18 associate professors and four senior engineers. Among 46 full-time teachers, 19 have PhD’s (with 2 post-docs) and 21 have master’s degrees. There are two recipients of allowance from the state council, one award of “Excellent talent of technology in Fujian province“, and one “Minjiang Scholar”.

At present, there are over 1000 students. The school adheres to the principle of helping students to develop advanced practical skills, an open mind, and practical capabilities. Its graduates, finely equipped with practical skills and adaptability, are warmly welcomed by employers. The employment rate of graduates from the Materials Department is always at the top of the FJUT list. Many alumni have been the backbones of governmental departments, research institutions, and manufacturing companies.

There are four science and technology platforms in the school, the Fujian Molding Technology Development Base (affiliated with the Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission), the Fujian Molding Engineering Technology Research Center (affiliated with the Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology), the Fujian Provincial Material Preparation and Forming Technology Key Laboratory in Colleges and Universities (affiliated with the Fujian Provincial Department of Education) and the Fuzhou Material and Molding Trade Center for Technological Innovation (affiliated with the Fuzhou Science and Technology Bureau). With the support of these platforms, significant accomplishments in the development of disciplines and specialties have been recognized in recent years.

There are four laboratories in the school, the Materials Molding Lab, Materials Compositing and Preparation Lab, Materials Structures and Properties Testing Lab and the Modern Molding Technology Lab, subdivided into eight subordinate labs. The labs cover an area of 3500 square meters and are equipped with modern high-end facilities, including mold testing instruments, materials testing instruments, numeric control machining equipment, non-traditional machining apparatus, reverse engineering equipment, rapid prototyping and tooling equipment and CAD/CAE/CAM software. The assets of these labs represent an investment of over 14 million RMB.

Supported by the above-mentioned platforms, the technology development and service carried out by the school has been well-rewarded. We have established technical cooperation arrangements in various domains and disciplines with large and medium sized enterprises, including Fuyao Group, Fujian Qianda Heavy Industry Co. Ltd., Putian Promotes Machinery Co.Ltd., and China Railway Tunneling Equipment Co.,Ltd.. We have set up the “Moldflow Fujian Training Centre for Advanced Technology Application” and the “eta/DYNAFORM Application Centre, Fujian, China” with the Moldflow Co.,Ltd and the Eta Co.,Ltd, USA. In addition, the “New Technology Research Center of Water Evaporative Refrigeration” has been jointly established by the Material School and Kehui Environment Protecting Technology Co.,Ltd.. In recent years, the teachers of the school have undertaken over 60 scientific research projects, with research funding of over 100 million. Among them, eight provincial projects have received awards for scientific research achievement, including two first and four third prizes in science and engineering. 19 patents, including 11 patents of invention, were applied for. In 2009, students and teachers in the school won third prize in the “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Extra-Curricular Academic Science and Technology Work Competition. In 2011, they received first prize. In addition, one project was awarded the Fujian Higher Education Teaching Achievement first prize.

Master Degree Program:

Material Science and Engineering

Prominent Engineer Programs:

Material Forming and Controlling Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering,

Undergraduate Programs:

Material Forming and Controlling Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering.

Discipline Leader:

CHEN Wenzhe, Professor, Material Forming and Controlling Engineering discipline leader.


Wang Weiguo Professor, Materials Science and Engineering discipline leader.


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Pinqiang Dai

Yonglu Chen

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