School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

School of Mechatronic and Automatic Engineering is one of the first established departments of Fujian University of Technology, which mainly provides talents to the equipment manufacturing industry, and the applied mechanical and electronic technology industries. The school is committed to cultivating engineering professionals. It comprises 6 teaching divisions, and 1 on-campus practice base. The teaching divisions include machinery manufacturing, vehicle engineering, mechanical and electrical integration, industrial design, mechanical design and engineering graphics. The Experimental Centre for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering is one of Fujian provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers. Presently, the school offers three undergraduate programs Industrial Design, Mechanical Design and Automation (one of well-known programs of in Fujian Province), Vehicle Engineering (new program of 2011) and Industrial Design. By September of 2011, the entire school has 96 faculty members and 1,656 full-time students.

The school has been adhering to the motto of Integrity, Sincerity, Diligence and Courage and the educational concept of “Student-centered, Quality-based, Ability-focused, Characteristic-first to cultivating application-oriented professionals. With the attitude of Love, Being Responsible Forward to the Future, the school faculty has undertaken an educational reform and endeavored to improve the teaching quality.

The school has specialty advantages in the areas of New Energy Vehicle, Numerical Control Machine, Hydraulic Technology and the Green Remanufacturing.
The school has successfully set up the following research:
• Fujian Key Laboratory for Automotive Electronics and Electric Drive (A.E.E.D)
• Branch of Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Fujian Productivity Promotion Centre
• Fujian Research Centre for New-energy Automobile Control Systems
• Fujian Test Platform for Auto Vitals
• Fujian Innovation Strategy Alliance of New-energy Vehicles Industry
The school also runs several university-level institutes:
• Advanced Manufacturing Technology Institute
• Special Purpose Vehicles and Special Equipment Institute
• Modern Tobacco Machinery Institute

With advanced the academic staff of the school have undertaken scientific research and enterprises cooperation. The faculty has not only contributed to Fujian's economic development directly, but also has made full use of research resources for teaching purposes to promote well-trained professionals.