ZHANG-Zuzhu, senior engineer, the national registered city planner, currently, teacher of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of

FJUT, also post advisor of Fuzhou University, standing director of Town and Regional Development Research Association, director of Urban Planning Society of Fujian Province.

Professor ZHANG-Zuzhu has long been engaged in rural and urban planning, and design. He has presided 4 provincial key projects, hosted and participated in 5 research programmes, and completed 121 urban and rural planning design projects, including: hosting 80 projects, of which 21 projects won the honor of different levels; one ministerial award, one third prize of Fujian Investigation Science, two second prize and five third prize of Excellent Urban Planning of Fujian Province, and five other awards. He has also published 17 academic works in different journals, including 14 articles and 3 other works; he is also entitled excellent advisor of FJUT in 2006, and 2008, the first prize of “The Applied Teaching of Urban Planning of Bachelor's Degree Program in FJUT”.

E-mail: Gh101zzz@163.com