ZHANG Guokun

ZHANG-Guokun, male, professor, Doctor of Northeast Normal University, is one of the faculty in the Department of Architecture and Planning,

FJUT. He is also the postgraduate advisor of Fuzhou University, member of Chinese Natural Resources Society, member of Chinese Ecological Society, executive director of The Remote Sensing Association of Jilin Province, member of Fujian Town and Regional Development Association.

ZHANG-Guokun graduated in the School of Geography in 1986, NENU, with a bachelor’s degree;he obtained his master degree of Computer Science, Jilin University, 2008, doctorate degree in Maps and Geographic Information System, NENU. Professor ZHANG-Guokun mainly engages in 3S (GPS and GIS and RS), city planning, city environment and ecology and regional planning. He assumes the teaching task of: Engineering Survey, Measurement and Cartography, Urban Geographical Information System, Principles of Urban Planning, etc. and has ever presided and participated in seven projects of provincial and departmental fund programmes, published more than 28 academic papers, including 1 SCI index, 11 in core journals and articles, 4 books. He has been awarded: the third prize for Educational Scientific Research of Jilin Higher Education Association and third prize for implementing the “Supporting Fujian Province to Speed Up the Construction of the Economic Zone of the West Bank of Strait by the State Council”.

E-mail: ldxyzgk@163.com