DAI Zhijian

DAI Zhijian, male, professor, Doctor of South China University of Technology, leading person of FJUT Architecture Programme, teaching master of

Fujian Province, chairperson of Fujian urban planning specialty construction, postgraduate advisor of Xiamen University, Huaqiao University and Fuzhou University. He is also: vice director of Chinese Local-Style Architecture Research Committee, Dwelling Houses Branch, member of China Architectural Society, Architectural History Branch; member of Traditional Chinese Architectural Culture Association; vice president of Architecture Association, Civil Building Society, and many other titles.

Professor DAIZhijian mainly engages in the study of Chinese traditional dwelling houses, and Fujian and Taiwan traditional architectural theory etc. He has published more than 40 academic papers like: “The Characteristics of Traditional Dwelling Houses and Its Origin”; “A Probe into the Types of Hakkas Earth Buildings”; “The Regional Culture and the Classification of Fujian Traditional Dwelling Houses” etc. seven books of him are also published: A Cultural Study of the Dwelling Houses of Fujian Sea Farers (2003), The Origin and Form of Fujian and Taiwan Architecture (2003), The Construction of Chinese Traditional Architectural Decoration (2008), and The Kingdom of Stupa-Burma (2009), and Fujian House (2009), etc.

E-mail: Daizhijian2002@yahoo.com.cn