DAI Pinqiang

DAI Pinqiang , Professor, Doctoral supervisor

Academic Affiliations
• College of Materials, Fuzhou University
• Mold and Die Base of Fujian Province
• Engineering Technology Center for Mold and Die of Fujian Province

• Fundamental of Materials Science(undergraduate program)
• Solid phase transformation(graduate program)
• Surface and Interface in Materials(graduate program)

• BSc 1989, Fuzhou University (Fuzhou, P.R.C)
• Ph.D 2002, Zhejiang University(Hanzhou, P.R.C)

Research Interest

• Nanocrystalline materials
• Surface Engineering
• High entropy alloy
• Mechanical Behaviour of Materials

Main Publications
• Improved corrosion resistance of brush plated nanocrystalline Ni–Fe alloy coatings in 3?5 wt-%NaCl solution. Surface Engineering, 2011,27( 1): 61-64
• Comparison of microstructures and tensile properties of pulse electrodeposited Ni on polycrystalline and amorphous substrates. Materials Science and Technology, 2011, 27( 1): 416-420
• Study on nanocrystalline dual phase Ni-Co alloy with high strength and excellent ductility. Materials Science and Technology, 2011, 27(1):320-324
• Effect of stress-induced grain growth during room temperature tensile deformation on ductility in nano¬crystalline metals. Bulletin of Materials Science, 2010, 33( 5):561-568
• Tensile Deformation Microstructures and Deformation Behaviours in Electrodeposited Nanocrystalline Ni with Broad Grain Size Distribution. Rare Metal Materials and Engineering, 2010, 39( 6), 0953-0957