1. Fujian Key Laboratory for Automotive Electronics and Electric Drive

2. Fujian Engineering Research Center of Industrial Automation

3. Fujian Civil Engineering Technology Research Center

4. Fujian New Energy Technology Research Centre for Automotive Control Systems

5. Fujian Productivity Promotion Centre

6. Molding Technology Development Base in Fujian Province

7. Fujian Molding Engineering Research Center

8. Fujian Key Auto Vitals Test Platform

9. Fujian Molding Engineering Research Center

10. Law Institute of Fujian University of Technology

11. The Platform of Legal Clinic of Fujian University of Technology

12. Fujian Research Institute of Intellectual Property

13. Institute of Traffic and Transportation

14. FujianMould Technology Development Base

15. FujianExperimental Platform of Key VehicleComponents

16. FJUT Promotion Centre for Advanced Manufacture Productivity

17. FujianMould Technological Research Centre

18. Fujian Technological Development Base for New Energy Vehicle Control Systems

19. The Research Centre of Civil Engineering Technology for Fujian–Taiwan College Cooperation

20. Fujian Colleges’ Engineering Research Centre for Energy-saving and Green Environmental Materials

21. Fujian Colleges’ Research Centre of Industrial Automation Engineering

22. Fujian Technology Innovation and Public Service Platform for Machine ToolIndustry

23. Fujian Strategic Alliance of New Energy Vehicle Industry Innovation Technology

24. Fujian Telematics Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

25. Fujian Intellectual Property Research Institution