Office of Student Affairs
Under the leadership of the Party Committee and the Administration Branches, and oriented in cultivating application-oriented students, Office of Student Affairs focuses on students’ ideological and political education and management, employment and entrepreneurship education, financial assistance to poor students, and students' psychological health education. There are five divisions under the Office of Student Affairs, which are General Affairs Section, Education Management Section, Employment Guidance Center, Student Financial Assistance Management Centre and Psychological Counseling Center.

Student Discipline Council

Student Discipline Council is a students’ organization under the leadership of Department of Students Affairs, which advocates self-discipline, self-independence, self-improvement and accomplishing self-management, self-education and self-service. The main responsibilities can be divided into four aspects: holding activities with various themes on campus; cultivating students withgood habits in study and life; raising students' sense of self-discipline; and building a civilized and harmonious culture on campus to help students grow healthily on campus.

The Dormitory Management Council

The Dormitory Management Council is under the leadership of the school leaders. It is a student organization guided by Department of Students Affairs, Youth League Committee and Logistics Department. It aims at propelling students' self-management, self-education, self-service, self-supervision and self-discipline in the dormitory. Its main responsibility is to build a bridge of communication between students and university, thus providing better services to students.