Introduction to the Alumni Association and Outstanding Alumni

With the history of 116 years, Fujian University of Technology can be traced back to Cangxia Jingshe which was founded in 1896 by the famous Fujian gentleman Lin Shu and the famous royal preceptor Chen Baochen in the late Qing Dynasty. It was called Fujian Senior Industrial School before liberation with a high reputation. Our university has nurtured more than 130,000 application-oriented talents who are geared to the need offront line, with alumnus being at home and abroad.

The Alumni Association of Fujian University of Technology is an organization which is voluntarily organized by Alumni Association of Fujian University of Technology and its predecessor--- Fujian College of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and Fujian Polytechnic College. Approved by Fujian Provincial Department of Education, the association was founded officially in September 13, 1991. It is a mass social organization, licensed and registered in Fujian Provincial Department of Civil Affairs with the status of an independent legal entity. The first congress of standing council was held in May 6, 2006, approved in “Charter of Fujian University of Technology Alumni”.

The tenet of alumni association in Fujian university of technology is abidingby the constitution, laws, regulations and state policies, abiding by social morality.Widely contact alumnus, strengthen alumni connections and friendship between the Alma mater, and domestic and overseas alumnus; cultivate talents for the reform and development of the Alma mater and socialist construction, serve for the socialist economic construction.

At present, Fujian University of Technology has twelve alumni association branches in total all around the world. With ten of them at home and the rest in Hongkong and Taiwan as well as overseas, these associations have formed a large and complete communicative network. With the establishment of alumni associations, constantly developing and perfecting, it has been built up a communicative platform between alumnus and Alma mater, which unite numerous alumnus who care about the development of the alma mater, strengthening their identity and sense of belonging.

Outstanding Alumni

Chen Yijian, the chief designer of Chinese Feibao Fighter and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, graduated from Fujian Gaogong (Fujian Advanced Technological School), then Tsing hua University in 1952. He is a great aircraft designer who contributed hugely to the design of the earliest aircrafts in China.

Lin Youkun, born in 1923, entered Fujian Gaogong in 1938. After graduated from Fujian Advanced Technological School, he was accepted by the Department of Civil Engineering of Xiamen University. In the year of 1954, he went to the United States for his doctor degree of philosophy in Structural Engineering in Stanford University.

In 2000, he became an Academician of the American National Academy of Engineering and a Foreign Academician of Russian National Academy of Engineering in 2001. As one of the founders of Stochastic Dynamics for Structural Engineering, Doctor Lin has been committing himself into development of Institute of Stochastic Dynamics in Florida Atlantic University, which was regarded as the authority in this specialty. Doctor Lin published many work, including The Probability Theory of Structural Dynamics and The Probability Theory of Advanced Structural Dynamics. He has also been awarded many prizes by international organizations and associations.

LIN Guoqiang,alumnus,majored in electrical automation and graduated from our school in 1982, is now the Vice-president of Fujian University of Technology, with a title of researcher, and vice-president of Logistics branch of Fujian Higher Education Association. In 2002, he graduated from Central Party School of the CPC Central Committee with a postgraduate degree in Economy and management. He was the former vice-president and deputy secretary of Party committee of our of Fujian Electrical School, the President of Zhonghua Vocational College and the President of Fujian Vocational College of Technology

He has always been engaged in the management of universities and education research, and as a host, he has accomplished a number of social and scientific researches for Fujian Province, and published more than 20 research papers.

CHEN Lihua,alumnus,majored in Construction Economy management and graduated from our college in 1986,is now a member of Putian Municipal Standing Committee, the minister of Propaganda Department of Putian Municipal Committee, and secretary of Educational Work Committee.

TAN Peigen, alumnus,majored in mechanical manufacturing and graduated from our school in 1977, is now the Chairman of the twelfth session of Zhangzhou CPPCC.

FENG Xinting, born in December, 1962, a member of CPC, majored in the Industrial & Electric Automation and graduated from Fujian University of Technology in 1982, obtained the in-service postgraduate degree from Central Party School of the CPC Central Committee. Now she is a member of Sanming Municipal Committee and secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee.