Alumni Donation in Fujian University of Technology

1. In 2007,Mr. Lin Youkundonated RMB 1 million yuan for the construction of laboratory building for the School of Civil Engineering.

2. Mr. Fang Qingming set up grants for poor students. On April 1, 2007, the first stage grant was awarded. Since then, it’s held once every year.The totalFang Qingming Scholarshipis RMB 2 million yuan. So far, 260,000 yuan was granted, and 153 students have been.

3. In 2004, Mr. Zeng Kaifa, our alumnus of 1986, set upMorning Light Special Scholarshipfor the School of Management, with a total investment of RMB 250,000 yuan, aiming to help students with financial difficulties and for students’competitions, etc. Moreover, Morning Light Group donatedconstructioncostsoftware worth more than 3 million yuan, such as software for construction and installation to the laboratory of Management Department.Morning Light Groupalso cooperated with the School of Management in constructing Management Experiment Center.

4. Since 2004, 6 alumni (who do not wish to be named) majored in electricity installation and graduated from class 2 of 1992,former Building College, have denoted 10 students with financial difficulties in the Department of Equipment. Each student may obtain 6000 yuan each year.

5. Mr. Su Weining ,Deputy General Manager from Spring Ann Group (graduated in 2004 with a major in equipment installation from Equipment Department ), facilitated the group General Manager Chen Zhongfei’s investment of RMB 500,000 yuan in building up the Spring Ann Laboratory with the Equipment Department. In 2011, Spring Ann Group set upSpring Ann Special Scholarshipof 30,000 yuan every year, to reward the outstanding students.

6. In September 2008, ChairmanLin Huang, husband of Xu Lanzhen, a graduate in1995 from Cost Engineering Department of former Building College), set up theHaitian Special Scholarshipfor Management Department to reward both excellent and students with financial difficulties. Since then, o100 thousand yuan has been donated.

7. In May 2010, graduates of 1977 donated a building hall sculpture to Civil Department, worthy of 150 thousand yuan RMB.

8. Mr. Gan Jianming, graduated in 1989 former Chinese Vocational College with a major in law, set up aHengming Scholarshipfor Department of Law, Fujian University of Technology. From 2010, RMB 40,000 yuan has been donated to motivate excellent student. In addition, Mr. Gan Jianming also donated RMB 5,000 yuan to alumni association and 5,000 yuan to the Law Department.

9.On September 10, 2011, Mr. Lin Qiongpeng, a graduate of 1992 and Mr. Lin Junling, a graduate of 1999 from Architecture and Economic Managementof the former Building College, donated a pair of stone door lions, worthy of 50 thousand yuan RMB, to the Management Department.

10.At the end of 2011, 92’s alumnus donated camphor trees, which worth RMB 10,000 yuan, to be planted in front of Civil Engineer Department building.

11. In 2011, Mr. Huang Kuiming, alumnus of former Mechanical and Electrical College, donated 10,000 yuan RMB to Electromechanical Department for its 2011 graduates’ Party.

12. 2011, Mr. Chen Shishu, alumnus of former Mechanical and Electrical College, sponsored Electromechanical Department RMB 8,000 yuan for universitysports meeting.

13. On March 2012, Mr.Ye Guosong, graduated from former Commercial, Democratic and BuildingCollege, now the secretary and chairman of Fujian Jiuding Construction Group, donated RMB 80,000 yuan for the special fund, as one of the supporters for our educational development.

14. Mr. Zhuang JunHui, graduated from former Chinese Vocational College, now the chairman of Xiamen Dong’angenterprise, has sponsored theDong’ang Cupinnovation contest of RMB 10,000 yuan for each year since 2012.

15. In April 2012, Nanping and Guangzhou alumni associations enthusiastically donated for theAlmaMater’s education. The alumni association secretariat received the above two associations’ donation of RMB 7,290 yuan ( of which President of Nanping alumni association Ye Zhaoxiong donated RMB 3,000 yuan and Guangzhou alumni association donated RMB 4,290 in total).

16.On April 29, 2012, alumni from Class 8906 with a major in commerce, former Chinese Vocational University, donated a total of RMB 6,000 yuan toAlmaMater.

17. On May 22, 2012, alumni from Class 8902 with a major in law, former Chinese Vocational University, donated a total of RMB 1,500 yuan toAlmaMater.

18. On May 26, 2012, alumni from Class9803with a major in Public Relations Secretary, former Mechanical and Electrical College, sponsored RMB 2,000 yuan toAlmaMater

19. In 2012,graduates fromElectromechanicalDepartment, Law Department, Management Department, Mathematics Department and so on, donated RMB 3,695 yuan to Alma mater as alumni garden planting capital.

20. Mr. Chen huanbin, alumnus from former Chinese Vocational University with a major in law, plans to set up a scholarship for Law Department on September 2012. RMB 30,000 yuan each year will be used to reward excellent teachers and students.

21.On September 12, 2012, alumni graduated from Class 6 with a major inelectricalmachine, 1952, donated RMB ten thousand yuan (RMB 10,000 yuan) to the Alma Mater.